• Wafaa Kelani
    Wafaa Kelani ,
    Wafaa is managing director at Standards Associates (SA) with responsibility for planning, development, and execution of projects. She is an expert in management consulting and a leader with extensive expertise institutionalizing project management industry best practices ...
  • Joseph Sultan
    Joseph Sultan ,
    Joseph Sultan is a business development professional with more than 15 years experience in the Middle East and North Africa region. Mr. Sultan experience includes:
    • Developing and implementing sales strategies and marketing plans.
    • Creating and managing efficient distribution ...
  • Dev Raheja
    Dev Raheja ,
    MS, CSP Dev Raheja is an internationally recognized consultant and educator with expertise in risk management, quality, safety, and reliability in healthcare, medical devices, automotive, and aerospace fields. With over 25 years of experience ...
  • Aymen Mekki
    Aymen Mekki ,
    Mr. Mekki is an experienced scientist focused on setting up Accreditation scheme, Quality Infrastructure, Inspection and Product Certification, Standardization, Accreditation, technical regulation, Quality promotion and Accreditation auditor qualified by UKAS 1998. His education and certification ...