At Standards Associates we focus on what we know best. Our core competency is standardization and conformity assessment. Our core geographic focus is the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region and the U.S. Drawing on our technical and regional knowledge, we provide services to help clients achieve results in the following areas:

  • Quality Infrastructure
    we work with standards organizations and governments to develop and implement market-relevant codes, standards, and risk-based inspection systems as well as accreditation and conformity assessment procedures.
  • Product Compliance and Certification
    for product manufacturers and certification (notified) bodies clients, we research national, regional, and international regulatory requirements and provide detailed reports on compliance testing and certification requirements essential for new products and technologies to access global markets.
  • Competitiveness
    through our work with international development agencies and consultants, we advocate for and promote policies that will create customer satisfaction and a competitive advantage for developing nations.
  • Trade Facilitation
    to implement and leverage Free Trade Agreements, we offer training and outreach programs to help participants assess the readiness of countries and economies to enter into mutual recognition arrangements, remove technical barriers to trade, and harmonize standards and conformity systems.
  • Market Access
    we offer strategies and research assistance to enable private sector companies to enter new markets and remain competitive in changing markets.
  • Business Development
    we help clients achieve accreditation and become competitive in new markets through cost-effective advisory and research services.