Standards Associates, work with a wide range of clients on both sides of the standards and conformance equation – regulators and manufacturers, international development agencies/consultants and governments, standards organizations and certification/accreditation bodies.

International donor agencies:hire Standards Associates to help implement  quality infrastructure solutions to meet the needs of a country or economy. Some of our clients are:

International Development Consultants:

Partner with Standards Associates to help implement programs in competitiveness. Some of our clients are:

International and National Standards Organizations:

Engage Standards Associates to help in training, technical and advisory in areas related to quality infrastructure, and trade facilitation. Some of our clients are:

Manufacturing Companies:

Hire Standards Associates to help improve market access for their products, and to provide business development services. Some of our clients are:

Testing and Certification Organizations:

Hire Standards Associates to provide research on product compliance and certification, and to assist in business development and opening new markets. Some of our clients are: